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Society in Jalandhar

Society is the manifestation of human civilization. There are many inequalities and deprivations that emerge in society. Particularly, poor people in communities are mostly prone to such injustice and inequalities. Whether it is child, women, or old age person, today there is immense need of welfare societies in all parts of India to work in every sector and each class of populace.

Societal development in Jalandhar

In Jalandhar, there are many welfare societies existing which are engaged in various social works to heal the abrasion of society. There are women welfare, child welfare, old age welfare, and handicapped welfare societies. Apart from these highlighted societies, the city also has educational welfare society, medical charitable society, environmental welfare society, animal welfare society, and social welfare society for betterment of its existence.

Women Welfare Societies in Jalandhar

Women welfare is major component of social services in society. Irrespective of caste or creed, poor or privileged women suffer too many inequalities in the society. To help this half of civilization, Jalandhar has been established with many women welfare societies. These women welfare societies in Jalandhar raise the issues of women and take procurements to ensure healthy environment for ladies in the city.

Women Welfare societies in Jalandhar

Whether she is corporate employee or household worker, both categories have to pass through some difficult period in this city. Any women facing cruelty or injustice in society, these welfare committees give full support of social system, jurisdiction, and government machinery.

Nari Niketan (State after Protective Home Jalandhar)
Address: Jalandhar

Children Welfare Societies in Jalandhar

Children are most naive and innocent soul on earth. But still they are prone to social imbalance and they suffer significant injustice in society. Hence to up bring their life style and give them justice in society, there are many child welfare societies established in the city of Jalandhar. Mostly children separated from their families or having no guardians are looked after these societies.

Child Welfare Societies in Jalandhar

These societies offer complete support for these kinds of children who are deprived from basic facilities and human rights along with children facing regular child labor, sexual harassment, and other such serious problems in the city. These societies in Jalandhar provide legal support, livelihood support, education support, and other such imperative assistance to get complete solutions for unprivileged children.

Jalandhar Welfare Society
Address: 7- A, Old Jawahar Nagar, Jalandhar

Environmental Welfare Society in Jalandhar

Today Environmental problems are rising with rapid speed. People are conscious of fragility of environment on earth but still they are neglecting the factual thing about it. Excess use of natural resources, too much emitting of harmful gases, pollution in every element has made life disastrous in developing industrial cities like Jalandhar. To notice and promote consequences of neglecting environmental essentials, many environmental welfare societies have been established in Jalandhar.

Environment Welfare societies in Jalandhar

These societies are fully fledged working for saving the mother earth. They initiate various programs and camps to alert people. They ensure that people plant more trees and safe guard those which already exist. Environmental societies in Jalandhar organize social welfare curriculum to state the devastating future of next generation without proper atmosphere on earth. In Jalandhar, many socialists and celebrities have joined hands with these welfare societies to make Jalandhar green and healthier to live.

Shaheed Ajit Singh Naujawan Society (SANS)
Address: Mohalla Mohindru, Jalandhar

Handicapped and Blind Welfare Society in Jalandhar

Handicapped and Blind welfare societies are also established in the city of Jalandhar. Handicap persons require special treatment and attention to overcome their disabilities. In that, they need special gadgets and equipment along with particular form of education to compete in this world.

Blind Welfare societies in Jalandhar

Hence, Handicapped and Blind welfare societies in Jalandhar are well established with all necessary requirements and essentials. These non-profit organizations provide handicap equipments and other support to efficiently do all kinds of work. They make them to stand in competitive world with confidence and respect.

Chaanan Association for Mentally Retarded Children
Address: 432-L, Model Town, Jalandhar

Animal Welfare Society in Jalandhar

Animal Welfare societies are working in the field of supporting all spirits living on the earth. Animals are largely neglected in today’s world. Hence many socialists in Jalandhar having same thoughts come together to help these innocent living beings on earth.

Animal welfare societies in Jalandhar

These animal welfare societies raise voice against animal cruelty and violation of any animal preservation law. They provide complete support to domestic pets and animals which tend to get exploited in human society.

Address: 62, Vasant Avenue, Jalandhar

Social Welfare Society in Jalandhar

Socially, there are many issues that should be emphasized publically to resolve. There are many small and big matters in society which are taken by social welfare societies in Jalandhar. They mostly work on current affairs and can accentuate any topic related to social problem in Jalandhar. For example, some of the social welfare society provides support in judicial system for poor and deprived people.

Hence, social welfare concept is quite open and vast which covers almost every vital aspect of society.

Pahal NGO
Address: 36, New Vivekanand Park, Maqsudan, Jalandhar

Old Age Welfare Society in Jalandhar

Old age welfare societies in Jalandhar provides shelter and food to senior citizens of city who are separated from family or do not have any care taker. In this age they need intense care and facilities to live life fluently.

Old Age welfare societies in Jalandhar

Hence, there are many old age welfare societies that established the old age home to offer well diversified shelters for these kinds of people. Here they get complete comfort with medical facility, food, clothes, and other such facilities.

Apahaj Ashram
Address: Near H.M.V. College, Gandhi Park, G.T. Road, Jalandhar

Health Welfare Society in Jalandhar

Poor and unprivileged people often deprived from proper health treatment in the society. For such people there are few health and medical welfare societies in Jalandhar which provide effective treatment and medical help to these people in the city. These societies usually offer free treatment, medical surgeries, medicines and other such benefits to them.

Manav Sahyog Society
Address: Multani Building, Ladowali Road, Jalandhar

Along with being a developing city of Punjab, Jalandhar has a huge population of under privileged sections of society. They live in the streets and old by lanes of this city and need immediate attention to address their needs. Hence, there are many leading welfare societies in Jalandhar working for societal development and environment conservation. These societies in Jalandhar are run by efficient personnel who are dedicated for social service and humanity development.

Other Welfare Clubs and Societies in Jalandhar

Here is the complete list of all reputed welfare societies in Jalandhar to represent the philanthropic facet of this historical city.

Famous Welfare Societies in JalandharAas Di Kiran
Address: B. Ed College, G T Road, Dayalpur,
Pin Code - 144419
Mobile No: + (91) - 9915154548, 8146414548
Website: www.aasdikiran.org

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan
Address: Nurmahal, Nakodar Road,
Pin Code - 144002
Mobile No: + (91) - 9878500057
Phone No: 0181 - 243913
Website: www.djjs.org

Bharat Vikas Parishad
Address: Sco Radisson Encl, Near Friends Colony,
Opp DAV College, Jalandhar
Pin Code - 144001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9876172278
Phone No: 0181 - 2201112

Koshish Network (DIC)
Address: 1st Floor C/O Art Centre,
Civil Hospital, Jalandhar
Pin Code - 144001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9464692720
Phone No: 0181 - 2240548

Indian Red Cross Society
Address: Near Dena Bank, Main Road,
Pin Code - 144001
Phone No: 0181 - 2672235

Dr. Satya Paul Khosla Speech and Hearing Society
Address: Gram Panchayat Road, Main Road,
Pin Code - 144001
Phone No: 0181 - 2227917

United Seva Society
Address: House No- 327, Near Water Tank,
Dilbagh Nagar Extension, Grover Colony,
Pin Code - 144002
Mobile No: + (91) - 9803777077, 9815627777,

Address: 445, Avtar Nagar, Behind TV Center,
Nakoder Chowk, Street No- 12, Jalandhar
Pin Code - 144003
Mobile No: + (91) - 9855724042
Phone No: 0181 - 4613391
Website: www.goonj.org

Youth Welfare Club
Address: 1319, Employees Colony, Shahkot,
Sadiqpur, Jalandhar
Pin Code - 144703
Mobile No: + (91) - 9888060931
Mobile No: + (91) - 1821 - 509209

Volunteers for Social Justice
Address: 1, Near Bazar Phillaur, Near Mandir Passian,
Phillaur, Jalandhar
Pin Code - 144410
Mobile No: + (91) - 1826 - 222432

This list of Welfare societies in Jalandhar contains details about all such famous organizations functioning in this city with state aid and private participation from corporate sector.

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