Capitol Hospital in Jalandhar

Jalandhar, as an epicenter of health care services, is blessed with some of the renowned multi super specialty hospitals, among which Capitol Hospital is the leading one. Along with 300 beds, 70 critical care beds, 6 operation theatres, and 2 cardiac labs, it is considered as one of the pioneers in medical care sector of Jalandhar. It is famous hospital in the state along with other nearby states including Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Haryana. Critical patients are referred many times to this hospital from these states for better treatment.

Capitol Multi specialty Hospital in Jalandhar

Capitol Hospital is established in the huge landscaped area of 5.25 acres in five storey building versed with all modern facilities. Hospital is placed on the beautiful location of National Highway 1 which is easy to access from railway station and bus station. It is one of the prime places of medical tourism in Jalandhar. They provide treatment for all kinds of critical and life endangering diseases.

Departments of Capitol Hospital in Jalandhar

The facilities of hospital include Heart Care, Cancer Care, Joint Replacement, Neurosciences, Orthopedic, Bariatric Surgery, and other such. The details are given below:

Oncological Science

Capitol Hospital is one of the renowned names in the surgical oncology and radiation. The department is blessed with all expert doctors including leading neurologists, pulmonologists, gynecologists, radiologists, gastroenterologists, and pathologists who work cohesively to treat any kind of cancer or tumors. The hospital provides complete treatment for cancer patients suffering from solid tumors or blood related diseases. The department of Oncology possesses modern and high-tech equipments to ensure best treatment for all their patients.

The department of Oncology is further divided into:
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Surgical Oncology & Gynecologist Oncology
  • Hemato Medical Oncology

Cardiac Science Department

Capitol Hospital is established as a full-fledged cardiac care hospital along with emergency sections in the department. It is accompanied by fully equipped cardiac ambulance to deliver excellent results in cardiac problems. Cardiac science department is classified into two sections i.e.
Cardiology Division - Angiography, Angioplasty, Pacemaker Implantation, Electrophysiology
Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery - Heart Bypass, Valve Replacement & Repair, Congenital Heart Defects

Various Departments at Capitol Hospital in Jalandhar

Neuroscience Department

Capitol Hospital is established with neuroscience department which is entrusted with expert doctors and staff. The professional team of Neurologist, Neurosurgeons, Neurointensivists, and Neuro anesthesiologist along with psychiatrists and rehab squad are engaged in this department to provide complete medical treatment for critical cases. The department is comprised with latest machinery and apparatus to confine best services. The critical services performed by this department are:
  • Neuro Trauma
  • Neuro Oncology
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery
  • Functional Neurosurgery

Joint Replacement and Orthopedic Department

Capitol Hospital is offering complete orthopedic solutions through its Joint Replacement and Orthopedic department. They treat and repair bones, muscles, spine, and ligaments in this department. The range of service provided in this department is:
  • Hip and Knee replacement (Joint)
  • Advance Trauma Surgery
  • Minimal Invasive Arthroscopy Surgeries
  • Revision Surgery

Other Departments of Capitol Hospital

  • Renal Science
  • Medicine & Allied Speciality
  • Minimal Access and Bariactric Surgery
  • Emergency & Trauma Center
  • Pathology and Diagnostic lab
  • Radiology
  • Physiotherapy

Trauma and emergency services at Capitol Hospital in Jalandhar

Facilities at Capitol Hospital in Jalandhar

Capitol Hospital has been installed with plethora of facilities which upgrade the level of health care industry in this region. It comprises all basic and advance services to cater their guests and patients with sophistication. The highlighted facilities of Capitol Hospital are:
  • CafĂ© Lounge and Food Court
  • Book Store
  • Gift Shop & Flower Shop
  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Taxi Shuttle Service

Health Checkup packages in Capitol Hospital in Jalandhar

Precaution is better than cure is the statement mostly followed nowadays. Hence many people take health checkup and prevention therapies to ensure early symptoms of any critical illness. Therefore, realizing this need, hospital has infused several health plans under which complete evaluation of body is done. They have introduced various plans and packages to their visitors.
  • Facilities and health plans at Capitol Hospital in JalandharCardiac Health Preventive Package
  • Cardiac Preventive Screening Package
  • Obesity Preventive Screening Package
  • Diabetes Preventive Package
  • Gastrointestinal Health Preventive Package
  • Orthopedic Health Prevention Package
  • Stroke Preventive Package
  • Neurological Disorder Preventive Package
  • Stone Preventive Screening Scheme
  • Gall Bladder Stone Checkup scheme
  • Urinary Stone Screening Package

Facilities for International Patients at Capitol Hospital

Capitol Hospital is one of the pioneer names in health tourism and many patients come from foreign countries for better and cheap treatment here. For these patients they offer full package plans which include Visa assistance, pickup facility with well equipped ambulance, accommodation facilities, food facilities, and drop to airport as well. Tourists can arrive for any treatment offered by them with altogether superb services and quality treatment.

Contact Details of Capitol Hospital in Jalandhar

Address of Capitol Hospital in JalandharAddress: Pathankot Nation Highway- 44,
Near Reru Chowk, Jalandhar

Tel No:

Fax No:

[email protected]


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