Industries in Jalandhar

Economy in Jalandhar

Jalandhar situated in the north Indian state of Punjab boasts to be one of the most progressive cities of India. The city falls in the prosperous Doaba region and is a fast developing urban city. The economy of Jalandhar mainly comes from its various industries. Major developments in the industrial field here took place after the partition. During this period skilled labourer from Sialkot (Pakistan) who were experts in the manufacture of sports and surgical goods settled in this district. Leather industry was already present in the region. Later on other industries boomed in the region.

Jalandhar is the largest NRI belt in Punjab. People from here have migrated and settled in U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Germany, Australia & other European Countries. Some of Jalandhar's economy also comes from NRI inward remittances. Non-resident Indians (NRIs), belonging to the region play an important role in the economic development of Jalandhar.

Jalandhar is located on the intensively irrigated plain between the Beas and Sutlej rivers. It is well connected to other parts of the country through major road and rail connections and is a huge market for agricultural products.

Important Industries in Jalandhar

The city is well known for the production of sports equipment, leather goods, rubber goods, auto parts, steel and iron re-rolling mills, surgical instruments, hand tools, electric goods, automobile parts, sewing machine factories, handloom products and traditional Indian Sweets. These industries have strengthened the economic base of the region and also contribute widely to the state’s economy.

Sports Industry in Jalandhar

Jalandhar is known for its sports goods. It is known as the sports capital of the country. Jalandhar is the largest exporter of sports goods in Asia. Jalandhar produces around 90% of the total sports items produced in Punjab. The city produces some of the world class sports goods. Some of the sports items manufactured here are cricket bats, footballs, cricket and hockey balls, badminton, tennis and squash rackets, hockey sticks, leather items, shuttle cocks and balls. Industrial production of sports goods began on a small scale during 1940's.

But later on sports goods industry grew at an impressive rate and of late Indian sports goods are also exported to different countries. Sports goods manufactured here are exported to many foreign countries namely United Kingdom, The United States of America, Germany, France and Australia.

Auto Parts Industry

Another major industry in Jalandhar is the auto parts industry. The city is home to as many as 300 different auto parts industry centres. There are several units in the region which supply auto parts to the original automobile companies. These centres provide employment to nearly 4,500 people. Auto part industry also helps the state to earn huge revenues through export of the parts of an automobile.

Hand Tools Industry

Hand tools industry is another popular industry in Jalandhar. The major hand tools produced at Jalandhar are screw driver, spanner set and nose pliers.  Several units manufacturing hand tools offer employment to as many 8000 people in the region.

Surgical Instruments

Jalandhar is also famous for its surgical tool industry. Jalandhar produces a large number of surgical tools. Big companies from Jalandhar outsource their production here. Jalandhar also boasts of having the largest number of hospitals in Asia. There are 275 centres in the district that produce various surgical equipment.

Rubber Goods Industry

Jalandhar is known for the manufacturing good quality rubber goods items. Some of the items manufactured here are V- shaped rubber belts of slippers and rolls of rubber for industrial usages,V-Belts,Scooter/Cycle tyres etc. There are 625 units which manufacture rubber goods giving employment to 6500 persons. The state also earns a major chunk of its income by the export of rubber goods.

Leather Industry

Another well -established industry in the region is the leather industry. Many major leather manufacturers are based here. Jalandhar produces some of the best leather products like bags, shoes and other products of good quality leather.

Printing Industry

Jalandhar is the biggest printing centre of Northern India. Most of the vernacular papers, magazines in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu are published in Jalandhar. The renowned newspapers are Hind Samachar, Punjab Kesri, Jag Bani, Partap & Veer Partap, Ajit, Nawan Zamana and Milap. Apart from some of the major publishing and advertising companies have their head offices in Jalandhar.

Real Estate Industry

Real estate is also flourishing business of Jalandhar today. The property market has grown tremendously lately. Over the years, foreign direct investments in Jalandhar have increased since more foreign investors including Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are investing in Jalandhar’s real estate segment. Also there is a significant increase in the number of townships mushrooming in the city. On seeing the steady and consistent growth in the economy of the region many NRI’s are buying properties in Jalandhar. This has resulted in realty prices soaring by quantum leaps.

Recent years have seen an increasing growth of technology in the region.  Headquarters and operational centres from the companies likes Dell and Microsoft being set up in Jalandhar is an indication of the technology related growth in the city. Headquarters of Kayako is also situated in Jalandhar.

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