Jalandhar Police Commissionerate

Jalandhar is one of the oldest and largest cities of Punjab state. It has growing population and huge industries that give rise to better development of this region. Infrastructural facilities in this district are reinforced to offer best services to the citizens. Among all the necessary administrative services provided to people of Jalandhar, Police plays an important part to make the city congenial and peaceful to live in.

There is strict maintenance of law and order in Jalandhar enforced by the police stations and various other units established under Commissionerate of Jalandhar Police. This is one of the three Commissionerate under Punjab Police. It was set up with a mission to prevent crime, maintain law & order, and manage traffic along with other citizen services.

Jalandhar Police Commissionerate

The Commissionerate of Police was established in Jalandhar in the year 2010 vide a notification from Punjab Government. There are 14 police stations and 2 special police stations in Jalandhar under five sub divisions and two zones. These special police stations are Women Police Station and NRI Police Station. Apart from these, this Commissionerate has six distinct units for complete reinforcement of law and order conditions in this city.

Organization of Jalandhar Police Commissionerate

  • Each of the police stations under Jalandhar Police Commissionerate has a Station House Officer or SHO to manage the station. He is an Inspector/ SI rank officer.
  • For supervisory control of Commissionerate, there are officers working on designation of Assistant Commissioner of Police or ACP. They are DSP rank officers.
  • Next in hierarchy are second level supervisory officers on post of Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police or ADCP. These are SP or Superintendent of Police rank officers.
  • Second highest designation in Commissionerate is accorded to Deputy Commissioner of Police who is a SSP rank officer.
  • The highest commanding officer in this Commissionerate is Commissioner of Police who is DIG/ IG rank officer.
  • The Commissionerate has large number of personnel to serve the objectives of its establishment. These include 19 gazette officers and 232 non gazette officers along with 3008 other ranks.

Specialized Units under Jalandhar Police Commissionerate

To make Jalandhar, a better and safer city to live, Jalandhar Police endeavors to offer complete and specialized services to the citizens and travelers in the city. There are six specialized units in this Commissionerate that underlines the specialized approach of this organization. These units are:

Police Commissionerate of Jalandhar

Corps of Detectives:

This unit has six special investigative units under different heads for better investigation of such offences as covered under these units.
  • Special Investigation Unit: SIU -I: Crime Investigating Agency (CIA)
  • Special Investigation Unit: SIU -IV: Anti-Gangster Squad
  • Special Investigation Unit: SIU -III: Anti-Narcotics Cell
  • Special Investigation Unit: SIU -II: Economic Offence Wing (EOW)
  • Special Investigation Unit: SIU -VI: Technical Cell
  • Special Investigation Unit: SIU -V: P.O. Staff

Forensic Unit

Traffic Police of Jalandhar

Special Branch of Intelligence

Community Policing Divisions including Arms licensing and CPRC

PCR (Police Control Room) Mobile Vehicle unit for better control of crime through intense patrolling

NRI Police Station in Jalandhar

This police station was commenced in the year 2008 on the first floor of PS Div no. 4. Since Jalandhar has large number of NRIs hailing from the district, this police station was established to address their complaints and grievances for taking necessary lawful actions. This police station is under the control of a SHO ranked as Inspector while head quarter of ADCP is the supervisory authority for this police station in Jalandhar.

Women Police Station in Jalandhar

This specialized unit of Jalandhar Commissionerate was initiated from 1st of October 2010. Situated near District Police Lines, it has close proximity to city bus stand and railway junction. This police station is headed by lady inspector designated as Station House Officer and assisted by investigating officers.

Women Police in Jalandhar

It is supervised by the ACP of West Branch and head quarter of ADCP. This police station looks into the matters concerning women. These include dowry cases, matrimonial conflicts, and other crimes committed against women. There are three women counseling panels for this police station that has an excellent service record. Till date, it has solved 3226 matrimonial disputes along with 211 criminal cases.

PCR Vans in Jalandhar Police Commissionerate

For better patrolling, there are around 14 PCR van patrolling and 40 PCR motor cycle patrolling units in this Commissionerate. There are three offices in charge of this unit viz In Charge North Zone, West Zone, and Central Zone along with inspector administration for back office support to these patrolling units.

Police in Jalandhar

They were established with sole aim of maintaining law and order in the district through prompt police action, better communication, better accessibility of police for public, immediate help to accident victims, helping people in distress, nodal centre for removal of rumors, efficient delivery and retrieval from control room, communication and better accountability to public.

Traffic Police in Jalandhar Police Commissionerate

To ensure smooth running of traffic on city roads, Jalandhar has a well organized traffic police department in place. It deals with accidental cases, safety norms followed by vehicles, road safety education, towing of wrongly parked vehicles, removal of encroachments, etc. Currently, the city has strength of 146 traffic police personnel including PCR vans, PHGs, NGOs, and ORs for strict adherence with traffic laws on the roads. It has divided city into two zones viz part of city on the right side of GT Road and part of city on the left side of GT Road.

Traffic Police in Jalandhar

There are Inspector rank police officers to head these zones for developing plans, their implementation, and other duties related to smooth and safe traffic. There is a separate Education Cell under Jalandhar Traffic Police to educate drivers, riders, school and college students and other institutions regarding traffic rules and regulations. There is also an Administration Wing in this department to control the force deployed in the city. Challaning Branch of this force is headed by a senior Inspector.

Achievements of Jalandhar Police Commissionerate

  • Establishment of Licensing Branch graded with ISO- 9001:2008 certification.
  • Strict actions against travel agents
  • Improvement in conviction of criminal cases
  • Website of Jalandhar traffic police was launched
  • A well equipped modern police control room was inaugurated in 2011
  • e- Beat and e- Investigation projects launched in four police stations
  • The Commissionerate has to its credit, 14 President Police Medals for gallantry, 2 PM Medals for saving lives, and 14 President Medals for commendable services.

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