Transport in Jalandhar

Transport in Jalandhar

Jalandhar is blessed with sophisticated transport system at local level with support of district administration. The city also enjoys easy accessibility and great connectivity with the rest of country though an excellent network of roads and railways. Jalandhar is visited all through the year by hordes of tourists, NRIs, and business travelers. Its transportation facilities make it easier for these travelers to reach and explore the city to the fullest. Jalandhar has all the means of transport available for these travelers.

Jalandhar does not have its own airport. But those travelers, who wish to take aerial route to reach this city, can take flights for Amritsar. Shri Guru Ram Das ji international Airport in Amritsar is located at proximal distance of 75 km from Jalandhar towards its north east. This airport is well connected to the major Indian as well as international cities through around 48 flights per week.

Railways in Jalandhar

Jalandhar has its railway station situated along Delhi - Amritsar Railway line. From Phagwara to Amritsar, this line was electrified in 2003-04. This computerized railway station is equipped with all world class amenities. There are direct trains to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jammu Tawi, Nagpur, and other major cities from this station. It also has many express trains to these cities running from Jalandhar.

Rail Transport in Jalandhar

Some of the main trains running through Jalandhar Railway Station are Amritsar - New Delhi Shatabdi Express, Akal Takht Express, Pathankot - Tatanagar Express, Amritsar Howrah Mail, etc. Local trains also run from Jalandhar station to cities like Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur, Ferozpur, Nakodar, and Amritsar. This railway station has 5 platforms and its code is JUC.

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Bus Services in Jalandhar

The bus services are the most efficient and preferred means of transport in Jalandhar. It has buses plying to other cities and states at frequent intervals. People coming from cities like Amritsar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, etc. can easily hire buses to reach Jalandhar. Apart from Punjab, there are buses to states like UP, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Jammu & Kashmir. Both private owned as well as government buses are available to reach the city as well as move out of it.

There are luxury bus services available from nearby airports to the city of Jalandhar for the travelers including NRIs. There are also Mercedes Benz buses available from Delhi Airport to reach Jalandhar for the international travelers arriving through national capital. These luxury buses cost a little higher than other categories of buses running here. However, the frequent travelers and commuters prefer taking ordinary buses basically due to their lower fares and efficient services.

Local Transport in Jalandhar

With development of better infrastructure and wide network of smooth roads, local transportation has also improved in Jalandhar. The increasing number of vehicles on roads poses a serious challenge to manage the transport and traffic within the city. Hence, government has taken certain substantial initiatives in order to uplift the present scenario of transport system here. Hence, Jalandhar City Transport Service Limited (JCTSL) was established in the year 2006 under Indian Companies act, 1956.

City Transport Buses in Jalandhar

It provides cheap bus services along with premium services to the daily commuters to prefer buses over their private vehicles. This company is run from the office of Municipal Corporation in Jalandhar and it runs TATA Starbus, which is a modern low floor bus. There are more than 16 buses with JCTSL and these buses offer excellent facilities to the passengers. Along with affordability, these buses also offer time efficiency to the passengers. As such, these buses carry around 8000 passengers daily.

For those looking for comfortable rides intra city, auto rickshaws are another great option. They are affordable than taxis and comfortable than buses. But the auto rickshaws in Jalandhar do not run on meter basis. Hence, it is better to fix the fare in advance before hiring them for going to any place within this city.

Modes of local transport in Jalandhar

For the most comfortable travelling experience, just pay a little more and hire taxi services to and from Jalandhar. City has many car rental services for the help of visitors. They offer services to travel within the city or even outside it to any place. For families on vacations, they are better to get comfortable ride to their preferred destinations in lesser time.

Jalandhar has many cycle rickshaws as well. These rickshaws are quite apt for shorter distances and their charges are also very minimal as they are manually driven.
All these transportation services in Jalandhar are leading the city on the path of development in terms of quality of life and infrastructure.

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